Evil Snowmen

The city is captured by evil snowmen, Santa’s sleigh is in danger, your task is to find all the bags with gifts, load them into

Evilnessa: The Book of Life

Ready to do away with Evilnessa? Meet her in a new horror game! In the basement of the house there is the book of Evilnessa’s

Evilnessa: The Cursed Place

Evilnessa dragged you into a strange and terrible place, which looked similar to what was in your dream. Explore the area, get into the houses,

Evilnessa: Nightmare House

You recently purchased a house outside the city, which was not expensive at all. You have not stayed in this house for the night yet.

Samantra – The Horror Game

Found 6 books to get out of the ill-fated basement. But be careful, Samantra nearby. And if you want to survive, do not look at