Evil Snowmen 2 [Версия для Windows]

☃️ Plunge into an exciting adventure through the mysterious and beautiful world of snowmen, explore a vast and snowy area full of amazing findings and incredible secrets. Solve interesting tasks and puzzles and try to get into the secret laboratory where the inhabitants of this world were actually created.
But be careful! Cunning and dangerous enemies can hide behind every corner. This world's snowmen aren't as cute and innocent compared to the ones from a traditional life. So take the necessary weapons, discover all the secrets of this place and destroy the dangerous laboratory. The fate of the city is in your hands!

★ Beautiful winter atmosphere
★ Fascinating storyline
★ Diverse armory of weapons
★ Comprehensive inventory and crafting
★ Different difficulty levels for different types of players - for those who prefer to enjoy adventures without numerous battles, as well as for those who like to have a lot of challenges in hardcore modes
★ And, of course, evil and smart snowmen who will do their best to stop you!