Evilnessa: The Book of Life

Are you ready to do away with Evilnessa? Meet her in a new horror game!
In the basement of the house is the book of life of Evilnessa, it records her past, present and future. The basement is protected by 4 locks, and the keys are hidden throughout the house. Find all the keys, go to the basement and destroy the book, to once and for all destroy Evilnessa.

Evilnessa: The Cursed Place

Evilnessa dragged you into an incomprehensible and terrible place, very similar to what was in a dream. Explore the area, go into the house, look for the skull and burn them to get out of this cursed place. But every time she will disturb you, Evilnessa.

Evilnessa: Nightmare House

You recently purchased a house outside the city, which was not expensive at all. You have not stayed in this house for the night, but a sister remained who barely escaped from there and told you about the strange and terrible things happening in this house. Your task is to find out what exactly is happening in the house, but be careful, you are not alone in it.

Samantra — The Horror Game

Found 6 books to get out of the ill-fated basement. But be careful, Samantra nearby. And if you want to survive, do not look at her.